Thanks to participants of the 8IOS

Dear friends, participants of the VIII International Olive Symposium,

we want to thank you for your participation and the sharing your ideas and expertise.  We certainly hope that  the  conference  has  been  all  that  you  expected  it  to  be  and  that  you  have  taken  the  opportunity  to  make  new  friends  and  to  exchange  many  experiences,  suggestions  and  opinions  with  researchers from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you next time, during the upcoming Symposia.

Yours sincerely,

8IOS team

Student award

Dear colleagues,

During the upcoming VIII International Olive Symposium the ISHS Student Award will be assigned to one for the best oral presentation given by a student as presenter and first author of the submitted manuscript and one for the best poster presented by a student who is first author of the work.

Students to be eligible for this award should be enrolled in a university or college and can be undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate (limited to 6 months after finishing the program of study), and with an age limit of 35.

8IOS team